The Atlas of Hesket

Maps of Hesket

  • Player's Handbook map, small (89K)
  • Player's Handbook map, large (194K)
  • In-game map of Delona (64K)
  • Detailed Maps of Countries

    Click on a region below to see its detailed map.

    Warning: all maps are huge (150-350 KB)

    Note: the detailed maps can be deceiving.

    These maps only reflect place-names that have been identified (that is, ones used or mentioned at a game). Accordingly, there are a disproportionate number of places in wilderness areas -- whereas most of the people in Hesket actually live along coasts and along the major rivers! Those coasts and rivers may be shown largely blank since no game has used them.

    Similarly, many countries lack features like lakes and rivers, because those countries have not gotten much attention. Zdunarova, for instance, is almost completely devoid of detail.

    These maps do not attempt to show every single village and hamlet in Hesket. Only towns and cities of reasonable size are listed.

    Other Maps

  • the locations of the mahiri and dwarven clans
  • the former Ennitaria
  • Other Places In Hesket

    Quest keeps an archive of place-names; not all of them are shown on the above maps. This archive includes additional information about some of the places, as well as who you should contact about that location.

    This archive, "Places In Hesket", is a document available for viewing.