Country Info: Chardreau

Terminology: Chardrois (shar-DWAH) people, one Chardrois, many Chardrois
Capital: Lorraux (lorr-OH)
Monarch: Queen Catherine II, born 976 (Catharina Regina Cardiae)
Coat of Arms: Azure, a bend between two fluers-de-lis argent.

Chardreau (shar-DROH), Hesket's "France", stretches from the seas to the desert. In between lie lush fields and bountiful vineyards.

Chardreau and its northern neighbor Allondell have held numerous territorial disputes, owing to the intertwined bloodlines of their respective royalty.

The previous king, King Robert IV, often tried to stir the Chardrois to arms to counter the Marakhs and Kiljuks, who send raiding bands across the desert into Chardreau. He later shifted his focus to the Crusade in Bilgosh, where he died in battle.


Queen Catherine II, born 976.

Past monarchs:


Ruled by a King. Standard noble is the Count, with several Dukes towards the borders, and a number of Barons. Some Barons are vassals of the King, others of Dukes and Counts.