Country Info: Kjolnir

Terminology: Kjoln (KEEOLN) people, one Kjoln, many Kjolns
Capital: Skørsund (SKURR-sund)
Monarch: King Gustaf II, born 939. (Gustavus Rex Kiolniae)
Coat of Arms: Sable, a longship or, on a chief dancetty of the second three mullets azure.

Snowy mountains, curving fjords, and wooden longships characterize Kjolnir (KEEOLN-eer), the most northern of Hesket's lands. Kjolns are a vibrant, blond people, who fish the northern seas extensively and also send their vast ships southward to raid.

The king of Kjolnir is not the strongest of monarchs, and can by no means rule with an iron fist. Kjolnir was initially fused into a kingdom by federating numerous fiefs, and the jarls of these regions often jockey to either make their own land independent, or make it the dominant one and thus assume power. Allegiance in Kjolnir can be very confusing to foreigners, where the jarls assume any number of titles to boost their reputation.

Kjolnir often (though not always) has more of an "early Middle Ages" feel than the other lands in the CG. Some jarls act more like Dark Ages chieftains, and the country is home to Viking bands.


King Gustaf II, born 939. Gustaf is loud, quick to action, and forceful enough to keep his jarls contented.


Ruled by a King. Standard noble is the Jarl (earl). There are no Barons or Dukes.

Major Cities

The country has no one major metropolis, and each of the major jarldoms' capitals are sizable cities. Aulu is the country's largest.