Country Info: Linneraigh

Terminology: Linneralian (linn-err-AY-lee-ann) people, one Linneralian, many Linneralians
Capital: Mwyln (MULL-inn)
Monarch: Queen Fiona II, born 956. (Fiona Regina Linneraliae)
Coat of Arms: Vert, a tower argent, a bordure engrailed of the second.

A forested isle off the coast of Allondell and Cadfaigh, Linneraigh (LINN-err-AY) is populated by a Gaeldic people who migrated centuries ago from the mainland. From the winding hills of Clwyru (CLOO-ee-roo) to the vast Gwndylen (GUN-dih-lenn) Fens, the Linneralians are an honest and resourceful people, and will remind Earthly observers of the Irish or Welsh. The numerous forests across the western part of the isle are home to many mahiri.

The Siolidh was designed as a vast, untamed forest full of mysterious and possibly ethereal or mystical elements.

The Siolidh

As one journeys further east across the isle, the pastoral homesteads and gentle forests begin to fade. Instead, the northeastern half of the island is covered with a huge, dark forest -- the Siolidh (SHILL-ih) -- still unexplored by humans after all these centuries. Humans who have tried to settle there soon returned, claiming a "constant sense of foreboding" permeates the land. Even the arboreal mahiri shun the Siolidh, claiming it "belongs to other spirits." Kjoln raiders zealously avoid the eastern coasts, not stopping for rest or food until they sail further west.


Queen Fiona II, born 956. She ascended to the throne in 999 upon the death of her father, King Owen; she is assertive and calculating.

Past Monarchs

King Owen - d.999


Ruled by a Queen. Standard noble is the earl, though there are not many, owing to the country's small size. There are no Dukes.

Major Cities

Mwlyn, the capital, is the largest. However, Carnwedd (CARN-weth), a major port, comes close.