“The Copper Kettle”
Continuing Game 121

Winter is coming to an end across the Duchy of Alsoria. The crusader armies have been camped here for the winter, waiting until the spring thaws will let them advance back into the cursed land of Bilgosh, where the unholy Dark Lords await their return. The war has not gone well. The armies have needed the winter to rebuild, and to reconsider.

As April grows near, soldiers, knights and clergy await the call for the southward march. Until that moment comes, they pass the time in local taverns and inns such as this one, the Copper Kettle. Located on the trade road, it is a convenient place to stop in, to get a drink or a meal or a room. Soldiers from across the continent mingle here with the Steinlander locals, drinking, gambling… and planning.

Most years, the Copper Kettle is merely a quiet local watering hole. But now, with so many foreigners around, it is unlikely to be an uneventful night.


March 26, 2011. Check-in will be from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm; new players should arrive at 5:00 to make new characters and attend orientation.

The game is expected to end about 11:00 pm.


The Butterfield C Lounge, on Lawn Ave in Middletown, CT.

How much?

$10, but free for first-time players or for anyone who brings along a first-time player.

Game style?

No overarching plot, but with activity and gameplay throughout. Combat-light; storytellers, merchants and the like are encouraged.

"The Copper Kettle" is an evening-long LARP event, set in the world of the Continuing Game.

Players are asked to RSVP at cg121.

The event will take place in a tavern settings. Accordingly, we encourage you to bring characters who are musicians, bards, merchants, fortune-tellers and such. Don't worry about bringing your combat-optimized characters, because combat will be limited.

This game is set amidst the crusade against the unholy Overlord of Bilgosh, Emilian; new players may wish to consult a summary of events leading up to this game.

This game will feature some snacks, but not a full meal. For more information please contact GMs Jeff Yxaus and David Oxlsen (cg121). You must be 18 years or older to participate in this (or any) Quest event.