“A Knight in Ink-Stained Armor”
Continuing Game 124

Travelers passing through the town of Oxbridge or its surrounding villages in northeastern Allondell can scarcely avoid spotting the notices pinned hastily to the wall at every inn and tavern, public meeting-house, and market square; some of the smaller hamlets have the signs papering the sides of the common well. They are all written in the same neat, copperplate hand, though some appear slightly smudged in haste. The notices are all identical in content, though:

Adventurers, warriors, trackers, those skilled in the magical or priestly arts I beseech your aid. My dearest love and betrothed, the Lady Bridget of Clayton, has been abducted by unknown brigands, and I must hasten to her rescue. However, I have never been able to claim any particular skill in the arts of martial combat, and as such, I seek your help. Anyone who can assist me in finding and freeing my beloved from her captors will be well rewarded; my financial resources somewhat exceed my skill at arms. If you will consent to join me on my quest, meet me at the Dancing Boar tavern in Oxbridge two days hence, on the 17th day of this month of September. You shall have both my coin and my undying gratitude.

- Frederick of Oxbridge, son of Lord Walther of Oxbridge


September 17, 2011. Check-in will be held from 5:00pm to 6:00pm; new players should arrive at 5:00pm to make new characters and attend orientation.

The game is expected to end about 11:00 pm.


Woodhead Lounge at Exley Science Center (on Church St/Lawn Ave), on the Wesleyan University campus in Middletown, CT.

How much?

$10, but is free for first-time players or for anyone who brings along a first-time player.

Game style?

This will be a heavily-plotted event with a mixture of combat and problem-solving; sneaky characters and those with technical skills will find uses for their talents alongside warriors and magic-users.

"A Knight in Ink-Stained Armor" is an evening-long LARP event, sent in the world of the Continuing Game.

Please RSVP at cg124 so we can prepare accordingly.

This game will feature snacks and drinks.

For more information, please contact GMs Nick Fesenko and Jackie Anderson at cg124. You must be 18 years or older to participate in this (or any) Quest event.