“Keep Your Friends Close”
Continuing Game 130

The sleepy town of Solnitz on the edge of the Steinlands has managed to remain peaceful despite the dangers beyond its borders in Bilgosh and the endless passage of weary crusaders to and from the fields of battle. Now, however, trouble has come to this small corner of the world. People disappear from their beds at night; rumors say a mysterious voice leads travelers astray. The dark times brought on by the Crusades have only grown darker: are any willing to end their plight?


February 23rd, 2013. Check-in will be from 5:00pm to 6:00pm; new players should arrive at 5:00pm to make new characters and attend orientation. The event is expected to end about 11pm.


Woodhead Lounge, in Exley Science Center on Church St, in Middletown, CT.

How much?

$10, but is free for first-time players or for anyone who brings along a first-time player.

Game style?

This is a dark, exploratory game, with activities for all types of characters and significant plotting. This game is combat-heavy and involves puzzles and problem solving.


Deadline is 11pm on Wednesday, February 20th; only players who RSVP may attend, and there is a cap of 20 players. Please RSVP via email to cg130.

"Keep Your Friends Close" is an evening-long LARP event set in the world of the Continuing Game.

Players are asked to RSVP at cg130. To enhance gameplay for all players, the game will be capped at 20 players. The deadline to RSVP is February 20 at 11pm.

This game will feature snacks and drinks, but not a full meal.

If you would like to request special plotting or would like more information, please contact GMs Alisha Rxichman and Adam Sxhelley at cg130. You must be 18 years or older to participate in this (or any) Quest event.