“Hidden in Shadow”
a Continuing Game event

A Dark Lord in northern Bilgosh has recently been slain in battle with the Crusaders, leaving his territory in chaos. Rumors abound that this powerful darkling stored his most valuable treasures and secrets within an ancient manor house, several days' travel past the Bilgosh border. His death has left the Crusades an opportunity that they dare not ignore: a chance to slip in, recover anything of strategic value from within the manor, and slip out again.

But the Crusaders are short-handed, and it is only a matter of time before a new Dark Lord rises to claim the area. An urgent call for help has gone out from the Crusader outpost in Gershon, seeking volunteers from Crusaders and non-Crusaders alike and offering 3 marks apiece to any who will answer. It is whispered that the Crusaders are so desperate for recruits, their commanding officer has begun hinting that any treasure the volunteers find inside the manor will be theirs to keep.

Locals murmur that the manor was a dark and evil place, even before the days of Emilian's reign. To hear the tales they tell, the darkling's manor is a demon's playground filled with deadly malice, a death trap for all who enter it. They say the spirits of those who have fallen there still haunt its halls, their minds twisted to insanity by the dread power in that place. Even if they're wrong, reaching the manor means traveling through miles of Bilgosh territory. But if the rumors are true, the military secrets stored within the manor could mean a turning point for the Crusade, and the treasure is vast enough to sate even the greediest heart. Will you answer the call?


November 9th, 2013. Check-in will be from 2:00pm-3:00pm; new players should arrive at 2:00pm to make new characters and attend orientation. The game is expected to end around 9pm.


The Arlington Masonic Lodge at 19 Academy St, in Arlington, MA. (Directions)

How much?

$20, but $5 for first time players or anyone who brings along a first time player.

Game style?

This is a dark, spooky game with high danger and activities for all character types. Due to the nature of the space, this game is puzzle-heavy and combat-light. Please note that casting powerful holy magic (Cleric spells of 6th level or higher, and Mystic spells that duplicate their effects) draws the attention of the dread power within the manor. Such spells will still work, but there may be side effects...


Please RSVP via email to hiddeninshadow.

"Hidden in Shadow" is an evening-long LARP event, set in the world of the Continuing Game.

Players should RSVP at hiddeninshadow.

This game will feature a full meal. Please inform the GMs if you have any dietary restrictions.

This game is set against the backdrop of the crusade against the unholy Overlord of Bilgosh, Emilian; new players may wish to consult a summary of events leading up to this game.

If you would like to request special plotting or would like more information, please contact GMs Lauren Marino and Ian McLean at hiddeninshadow. You must be 18 years or older to participate in this (or any) Quest event.