Quest presents: “Iron & Lace”

Of Her Majesty's Finest Dirigible


From the TOLBURY Airfields
to GIOMA, island of Napermo, kingdom of Iñarra,
proceeding faster than any steamship or locomotive
and arriving in less than one day's time
whereupon passengers shall disembark, and the crew and dignitaries
to proceed across the ocean to New Renham, Kingsland, New Allondell
in less than one week's time via the marvel of the dirigible

for persons of all persuasions
Winners to receive GRATIS PASSAGE aboard this vessel
on its historic journey from Tolbury to Gioma

the journey to depart November 13, 1484 at noon


November 13, 2010. Check-in is from 12 noon to 1:00 pm. (New players are asked to arrive at noon, for orientation.)

Game end is expected to be around 7:00 pm.


The Arlington Masonic Lodge at 19 Academy Street, Arlington, MA.

How much?

$15, but free for first-time players or for anyone who brings along a first-time player.

Registration for Iron & Lace is now closed to anyone who did not RSVP before November 1. We thank you for your interest!

This game is set in its own game world, a possible future of the Continuing Game during the equivalent of the Victorian Era, in the year 1484 A.I. The PCs will be passengers aboard an Allondine lighter-than-air dirigible on its maiden voyage. The dirigible, ordinarily intended for military reconnaissance, will be carrying civilian passengers from Tolbury to Gioma as a public relations maneuver. Some passengers may be dignitaries or influential people given tickets by Her Majesty's government; others will be from all walks of life who won their tickets via the general lottery. Please download the Player Packet; it contains information about character creation and the Iron & Lace setting.

Owing to the event site, the game will feature only abstracted (e.g. rock-paper-scissors) combat, so you will not need to worry about running or fighting in your good costuming. And don't worry about finding appropriate period garb; if you own just a dress shirt/blouse and a pair of slacks or long skirt, you'll be fine. (More costuming tips to come in the player packet!)

This game will feature snacks and drinks, but not a full meal.

For more information, please contact GMs Heather Albano Jackson and Jeff Yaus at ironandlace. You must be 18 years or older to participate in this (or any) Quest event.


The Arlington Masonic Lodge (aka the Mystic Valley Masonic Lodge) is located at 19 Academy St, in Arlington, MA. It is easily reached from the highway and does not involve any complicated turns.

You can use Google Maps to get there, or use the directions below from points west of Boston: