“The Festival of Saturday”
Continuing Game 136

When the frontier town of Marilyna was built ten years ago, its residents didn't have the luxury of building anything fancy or durable. What was most important then was to get things built quickly. The house constructed for Marilyna's liege, Lord Wesley, may have been the nicest residence in town, and his household may have done their best to dress the place up — but in the end it was still a rustic, wooden structure, ill-fitting for a member of the peerage.

With Marilyna now settled and prospering, his Lordship recognized he needed a real baronial residence: a solid, defensible manor house of stone, with a grand hall and proper furnishings for entertaining. He commissioned a new house last year, and hired masons and carpenters from afar to come to Marilyna and build it.

The new manor house is finally complete. In the fall, after Lord Wesley and his household have had enough time to settle in, they will host a proper feast-day for the kingdom's nobles and gentry. For today, though, Lord Wesley has invited the town's residents to the official unveiling, as he takes up residence in his new home. Also welcome are any travelers from the recently-arrived caravan, presumably the last one that will pass through Marilyna before the winter sets in.

This being Marilyna, everything should go off without a hitch. Right?


November 15, 2014. Check-in will be from 5pm to 6pm; new players should arrive at 5pm to make new characters and attend orientation. The game is expected to end around 11pm.


The Arlington Masonic Lodge at 19 Academy St, in Arlington, MA. (Directions)

How much?

$25, but only $10 for first-time players or for anyone who brings along a first-time player.
Players who RSVP by November 1st will receive a $5 discount.

Game style?

A focus on character interaction and puzzle-solving. Owing to the real-world site, combat will be minimal.


Please RSVP via email to marilyna5.

"Marilyna 5: The Manor Mystery" is an evening-long LARP event, set in the world of the Continuing Game.

Players are asked to RSVP at marilyna5. Players who RSVP by November 1 with the character they intend to bring will receive the benefit of an expedited check-in experience, in addition to the $5 discount for RSVPing.

While this game is set in the village of Marilyna, which was the setting for some previous games, it is not necessary to have attended any previous Marilyna games to enjoy this one. New players are absolutely encouraged to attend!
However, if you have played a character at a previous Marilyna event, we encourage you to play that character again (and to request special plotting) so that we can build on any existing relationships between your character and the people of Marilyna. If you are bringing a character you have played at previous Marilyna events, please let us know — even if you don't want special plotting — so we can be sure your old friends remember you (and vice versa).

Owing to the locale, combat at this game will be minimal. However, please do not let this affect your choice of which character to bring if you have a weapons-focused character with ties to Marilyna! We intend to have some gameplay specific to people with the Weapons skill.

This game will feature snacks, but not a full meal. Please inform the GMs if you have any dietary restrictions.

If you would like to request special plotting or would like more information, please contact GMs Heather Jxackson and Jeff Yxaus at marilyna5.

You must be 18 years or older to participate in this Quest event.