Spaces & Reservations

What spaces can you use on the Wes campus?


Well, the basic rule is:

To explain that: during the school year, there are a number of spaces we can get (see below). But you should limit your outdoor excursions: both because mundanes will disrupt your game, and because we don't want to disrupt Wesleyan and wear out our welcome.

During the summer, we cannot reserve any Wesleyan indoor spaces at all. This pretty much leaves Alpha Delta Phi, and they do run their own events over the summer. Summer events should plan on being entirely outside.

Events run over fall or spring break are unusual, and we haven't had many, so it's hard to say. If you need indoor space, talk to the Scheduler far, far ahead of time.

Indoor Spaces

The rule you'll hear again and again is "Talk to the Scheduler as soon as you want a space." We recommend requesting the space as soon as you've decided to propose for the event. Asking for a reservation a week before your game is unlikely to be fruitful. For the trickier spaces (like Butterfield A and B), the Scheduler can need months to secure a reservation.

Butterfield lounges

There are three Butterfield lounges, one per dorm. In addition, we can often get access to the classroom adjacent to the Butterfield C lounge.

Butterfield C is easy enough to reserve. However, A and B have much more complex reservation requirements; do not expect to get them easily.

One problem with these spaces: the doors are locked, so you'll need to station someone near the door if you intend to have a scene here.

Science Center and PAC

Science Center includes:

In addition, more than one game has had action running through the basement hallways of Science Center, which have very little mundane traffic at night.

PAC has three lecture halls in its basement which are often used at games, with a usable hallway connecting them. In addition, there are four classrooms on the ground floor which are sometimes available.

Note that SC and PAC rooms are reserved via the University Coordinator. These spaces are often used for academic conferences and other academic events, so they are less likely to be available than the Campus Center or Butterfield.

Usdan Campus Center

There are some spaces that we can reserve here, although we haven't done so yet. Also, these are in high-traffic areas full of mundanes.

(Note: this refers to the Usdan Campus Center, the new one that opened in 2008 in what used be Fayweather Gym. The old Davenport Campus Center is now academic offices.)

Alpha Delta Phi privately-owned, and we only have access to it because some of its brothers and sisters are Questies. Accordingly, the Scheduler can't use regular channels to reserve it. Accordingly, warn the Scheduler ASAP, and be aware that Alpha Delt is often reserved by campus groups.

Alpha Delt includes three usable spaces: the Living Room (right off the foyer); the Greene Room (in the back of the ground floor), a fancy-looking room with a balcony and a chandelier; and the Grotto, the grungy, graffiti-laden basement.

Fayerweather Gym

Fayerweather was renovated in 2000 and is no longer usable.

Downey House

Downey House was renovated in 2005 and is no longer usable.

Other Wesleyan Rooms

There are other spaces on campus that have been used once or twice, such as classrooms in Fisk Hall or in CFA. These rooms were often reserved by pulling personal favors, so you shouldn't plan on them. And if you really think you want to use them, give the Scheduler plenty of time to try.

Outdoor Spaces

During the school year, stick to less-crowded areas. Please see the map of what areas are good to use.

Over the summer and during school breaks, we can usually crawl where we want to, as long as we don't disrupt anything else going on around campus (e.g. sports practices) and are still respectful of the campus.