The CG Game World Committee

Making a proposal:

The GWC doesn't create things for the game world; rather, we maintain the continuity and integrity of that world. We are the caretakers, and it's the entire Quest community that are the creators. While many submissions come from GWC members, anyone can make a proposal, and we encourage you to do so! Just email your proposal to cg-chair.

If you're looking to make a character proposal, be sure to read the character proposal guidelines first.

Current queue:

In effect:

Past proposals that took effect with a given rulebook edition:

2014 rulebook:

  • Magic specialization, by Ian MxcLean and Lauren Mxarino, with additional gameworld info compiled by Jeff Yxaus

2009 rulebook:

2007 rulebook update:

2006 rulebook:

2005 rulebook update:

2004 rulebook:

  • Re-adding Fendel to the rule description for Miracle
  • Renaming Stigma from "Race" to "Group"
  • Adding Stigma: Disliked Group for known Kahla-Ranites

Our Charter

(as defined by the Board of Directors, fall 1998)

The GWC maintains the continuity and integrity of the gameworld. They codify material that GMs and Players bring into game. They reconcile/justify contradictory or questionable canon. They will always attempt to reconcile contradictory material, if possible, but they are empowered to make final decisions in the best interests of the Game World if reconciliation is not possible.