New Player Guide

If You've Played With Another Group

Some folks have participated in other interactive theater or LARP groups. Every group is different; here are some ways where Quest events differ from some other groups.

If You've Played D&D

Some folks have also played D&D, a common fantasy roleplaying game. Quest has some things in common with D&D, but also some differences. See above for a few major differences: our characters are generally heroic, our game world isn't "high fantasy", etc.

Our character creation system doesn't use "classes". Some D&D classes translate easily enough to Quest, such as clerics, fighters and rogues. But in Quest, a "barbarian" just means a person from the wilds, and need not be a big, tough warrior; barbarians don't get the magical power to summon a horde simply by virtue of being barbaric. Similarly, the king's rangers are his foresters; they may or may not have magical abilities. Knights in religious orders (that is, "paladins") may have some Clerical magic, and may not. Bards are singers and storytellers; they don't necessarily have any magical ability to charm or impress people. Lastly, our world has no particular concept of "druids" or martial-artist monks.