The Continuing Game


The Continuing Game is actually a series of games, all of which occur in the same universe. The Continuing Game (CG) lets you play the same character from one event to the next. At the start of each event, your character has the same abilities, wealth, and items as at the end of the last one. The advantages to the CG universe are obvious: you invest more in your character, because you won't be discarding the role once the game is over. You'll make friends with other characters, and possibly make enemies too. Perhaps most importantly, you will watch your character evolve and improve game to game as you earn experience from each event and apply it!

Making Your CG Character


Characters in the Continuing Game don't usually start off as nobles, high priests, or other influential, worldly types. You don't have to play a rustic peasant either (though you can, and it can be quite fun), but the CG universe is designed so that your character generally starts off lower-profile and builds up. At the start, your character may have some knowledge under their belt, yet they will not really be powerful or experienced either. As time progresses and you gain more experience, your character will become more influential.


CG characters have the advantage of a fully fleshed-out game world and pantheon to pick from. You can browse around this section of the rules for some overviews, or browse around the CG archives. Maybe they'll help you flesh out your character!