Player Conduct

All participants at a Quest event are expected to adhere to the following code of conduct. Failure to adhere to this code can result in disciplinary action, including letters of censure, removal from events, suspension from events, and/or permanent banning from Quest events.

Quest expects all players, at all times, and in all situations, to act as responsible adults, to maintain a calm and cool head, and to adopt a courteous manner. Just be cool. Don't shout, don't swear, don't make a public scene. If you find you are losing control of yourself, stop and take a deep breath. If this doesn't calm you down, you should immediately remove yourself from the situation, be it out-of-game, role-playing, or especially combat.

All Quest participants are expected to treat all other participants with respect. Verbal or physical assaults are unacceptable behavior. Do not deliberately act in a way that makes others uncomfortable or embarrassed. Malicious gossip or slander has no place at an event. Out-of-game discrimination against anyone for any reason is also unacceptable. This includes discrimination against someone's character because of a problem you have with the player. Just don't do it.

All participants must agree to follow all of Quest's rules and conventions. Don't deliberately break rules or bend them against their intended spirit. This is cheesing. Don't cheese or metagame. This ruins the fun for everyone.

All participants are expected to respect the sites at which events are held. Stealing, vandalism, or other activities that damage the physical space are unacceptable. Additionally, all Quest participants are expected to be courteous and accommodating to any nonparticipants who find themselves in or near an event. Don't harass the "mundanes." Wherever we are, we are guests and we should behave as such.

Live steel, real weapons, alcohol, and illegal drugs are expressly forbidden at a Quest event. Any activity that is illegal in the real world is illegal at a Quest event. Use your head.

Sexual abuse and sexual assault are considered inappropriate topics at a Quest event. Explicit or implied mention or discussion of these issues in-game is unacceptable.

Quest does not allow overt religious symbols used by conventional modern religions (crucifixes, Stars of David, pentacles, etc.). We also discourage the use of other elements that are overtly integral parts of real-world religion, especially when a given element is unique to one faith (e.g., "rabbi," transubstantiation).

Nothing at a game is mandatory, so if there is any situation that makes you uncomfortable, please go out-of-game. If a topic or element upsets or concerns you, you do not have to participate in it. Take yourself out of the game, take a staff person aside, and speak to them about it. Nobody wants to make anyone's experience uncomfortable.

If you have a problem of any sort with another player, you should tell them about this out-of-game and ask them to stop. If they do not stop, and continue causing a problem, you should speak with someone in authority.

Lastly, Quest is a cooperative gaming experience, and we're all here to have fun. As such, deriving your enjoyment by ruining other people's fun is not a part of what Quest should be. While characters may at times find themselves at odds with one another, there should be no unprovoked player-on-player conflict that spoils the game for other people.

Further, new players are an important part of the community, and their participation helps keep Quest running. Thus, you are strongly encouraged to be nice to newer players, and to give them the benefit of the doubt if a concern arises. All of us here were new once, too.

If you witness someone violating this code of conduct, you should tell a Board Member or GM as soon as possible.