Optional Conventions


Tracking is simulated using the Awareness skill. Track markers are placed on the ground with a number on them; if your Awareness is equal to or higher than the number, you notice the tracks. (This works much like Stealth, for good reason.) The tracks will then point off in a direction; proceed in that direction to follow the trail. The tracks may instead have writing on them (or the word "Over"); if your Awareness is high enough, you may read the notes (or flip the marker over and read the notes.)

Note that other skills may be used in a similar scheme. For example, Status (Prominence) could be used to identify the faces of important nobles.



To participate in a drinking contest you must first figure out your tolerance.


For each drink you imbibe, you get one drunk point.

When your drunk points exceed:

Sobering Up

Once every hour, you may sober up by reducing your level of drunk points by half your tolerance. A Cure Poison spell will also sober you up instantly by bringing your total to zero. If you have Rapid Healing, you may sober up once every 30 minutes.


A drinking contest is often used to see who can stomach the most alcohol in the shortest period of time without passing out. Although there would normally be a short (5 minute) delay between when a drink is consumed and when the alcohol affects you, drinking contests usually use some fast-affecting alcohol that makes the game go faster. Furthermore, in areas where dwarves are well known and non-dwarves are the bartenders, dwarves are frequently asked to down two or three drinks for each one that a human downs.

Lastly, many drinking contests use exceptionally strong alcohol that counts as two or three drinks instead of one. This is often desirable since it makes the contest go faster (winning tolerances are often quite high) and reduces the amount of liquid that must be consumed.


Continuing Game only.

Frequently, games require writings in ancient languages that need deciphering by PCs. For GM convenience, there are three "elder tongues" in which many old documents will have been written: Sturian (for humans), Mahiri (for mahiri), and Middle Dwarven (for dwarves). Fonts for these languages are available from Quest upon request.

With Mage and/or Cleric Initiation, your character gains knowledge of a single language. Normally, this is the language associated with your character's race, although you may choose a different language (or no language at all) if it suits your character's background. Sage allows the character to read all three languages (or however many are appropriate). Obviously, characters with Illiteracy can't read anything.

Note that if you the player know the font but your character does not know the language, you may not read the writing or decipher the alphabet.