Only in-game public items may be stolen. Personal items and/or items specifically assigned to a player (i.e., the sword they received at the beginning of game) may not be stolen. Also, a significantly large item such as a sword cannot be stolen, since the item is too large for the victim not to notice. However, such items may be looted.

Out-of-game items such as spell whistles, Reality Flags, Stealth Cards, spell books, and Lore sheets do not exist in-game and thus cannot be stolen.

In-game items must be kept in a "decent" location (i.e., no stashing cash in your underwear).


Characters may steal items in two ways:

  1. Actually stealing the item. This, however, is not recommended unless you are certain the item is permissible to steal.
  2. Using the Stealth skill. The thief must show their Stealth Card to the victim, and must specify what location is being stolen from (i.e., belt pouch, left pocket). If the thief's Stealth level is higher than the victim's Awareness, the victim must give the thief the contents of the looted area. Otherwise, the thief is caught in the act.

Thieves who are successful with their Stealth Card attempt may not immediately make another pickpocket attempt, but must wait until another encounter with the same victim. Remember that, this time, the thief's effective Stealth level against that victim will be reduced by one.


Anyone, regardless of Stealth, may loot an unconscious or dead body. The location must be specified as with stealing, and thus you cannot loot an entire body in a single instant.

The looting of humans and other civilized races is often considered a crime by local authorities. (Items found on the dead belong to next of kin.) It is, however, appropriate to loot monsters.

A character's spell book does not exist in-game but is often a convenient place to store maps and pieces of paper. Thus, if the victim of looting is a spell caster, any items being stored in their spell book are instantly found during a looting attempt. For example, if you are a dead spell caster, and someone states they are looting your pouch, you must give them the contents of your pouch and any items stored in your spell book.