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vol. 84 - September 26, 2010

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Season Passes

Tired of remembering to bring cash or a check? Get a Season Pass!

For $125 (minus the amount you paid for the September event), you can get a pass that gets you into every event Quest runs between now and June 2011. Save money and never worry about having the admission fee on you!

You can either pay by check (Quest Interactive Productions, Inc., PO Box 2322, Middletown, CT 06457-0033) or pay the Treasurer in person at the October event.

Upcoming events

And don't forget the "bring a friend" discount — bring a new player to any game and get $15 off!

Open game slots

The December 2010 slot is still open, as are the spring slots for 2011. Interested? Got an idea, but need some help? Contact the Events Committee at events !

Board of Directors:

The Board has scheduled its big fall meeting for November 14th, 1:00 p.m., in Somerville, MA. If you would like to attend, please contact the Board Secretary, Julie Levy, at secretary for more information. The first part of this meeting will be open to the public; the second part will be closed for our annual non-Board elections!

We'd like to thank our current committee leadership for providing their hard work, effort and their excellent service. Without their dedication, Quest could not continue to function.

We our putting out a call for nominations for the leaders of our committees and teams. The list of officers and their respective duties and details may be found below. We ask you, the Quest community, to assist us by nominating the people you think should serve as officers. Self-nominations are welcome as are nominations for anyone in the community who you think might be suited to a given job. Nominations should be sent to Julie Levy, the Board Secretary, at nominations.

Everyone who is nominated will be contacted by the Board Secretary to ask them if they accept the nomination. All nominations must be made by Thursday, November 11th.

The following committee officer positions are up for election:

The following Board officer positions are up for election:

We are also accepting nominations for non-officer committee members.

On behalf of the Board, Julie Lxevy
Secretary, Board of Directors
Quest Interactive Productions, Inc.

Quest Committee Officers

Who are the Quest Committee Officers?
The committee officers are the people who provide leadership to the groups within our organization. Officers are, in general, responsible for the normal operational needs of Quest, both at and between games. The qualities looked for in a good officer are commitment, responsibility, and a desire to get things done.

Who can I nominate?
Anyone can nominate anyone for any position. You can suggest someone new for an office, or nominate the current office holder. You may even nominate yourself (this is a useful way of letting us know you want to help out!).

How long is the period of tenure?
Officer positions are one year. This year's term will run from January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011.

Board officer positions up for election:

Committee leadership positions up for election:

Rules Committee:

Rules Review

The Rules Committee has passed a number of minor rules changes this year, and they now posted for community review at the RC's page. Per the RC Charter, we will be collecting community feedback on these proposals during the month of October. Please send any concerns or comments to rules-chair, and they will be raised to the committee.

Summary of changes (please see the proposal text for the full details of each change):


Don't forget that Quest is a tax-exempt organization and that your contributions to Quest are tax-deductible! And if your employer offers a donation-matching or grant-making program, please check out the details with your HR department to find out if your participation in Quest qualifies.

Quest has many expenses beyond the cost of the food and props that you see at games. These include insurance, the printing of handbooks, kitchen supplies, and the maintenance of weapons, spell books, and other props. In the past, corporate donations have covered some of these, but the recession being what it is, these corporate donations are down. We need your help to cover these costs!

Please send your tax-deductible contributions to:

Quest Interactive Productions, Inc.
PO Box 2322
Middletown, CT 06457-0033

...or donate online via PayPal!

Donations of materials, such as props and costumes, are also tax-deductable. If you have something you think Quest could use, and would like to donate it (and deduct its value), be sure to check first with the Props Manager (props-mgr) to see if Quest needs the item(s).

Continuing Game News:

September 26, 1010:

Alsoria, Steinlands:

After the distastrous Battle of Duvarna, the armies of Chardreau and Allondell were dismayed to announce the deaths of the crusader kings Harold V of Allondell and Robert IV of Chardreau.

The two long-reigning monarchs had led their vassals into battle, attempting to liberate Bilgosh from its unholy Overlord, but were overrun by the monsters and undead of their foes, and the two fell when the crusaders' front line collapsed and retreated to Alsoria.

Along with the two monarchs, the armies announced the death of numerous nobles and officers who also perished on the Duvarna fields.

Funeral bells tolled in Lorraux and Tolbury, in mourning for the dead.

Alsoria, Steinlands:

In brief field ceremonies lacking much of the usual pomp, Crown Princess Margaret of Allondell and Crown Princess Catherine of Chardreau were crowned Queen Margaret III and Queen Catherine II respectively on July 17, with both ceremonies occurring in the muddy fields of the Steinlands. Both countries' leaders felt it more critical to have a queen immediately leading their people than to send the princesses on a long journey back to their respective capitals for a formal ceremony involving an Anointer. "We'll have plenty of time for such things when the Crusade is won," commented Earl John of Granchester.

The two somber monarchs immediately set about reconstituting their scattered armies.

Alsoria, Steinlands:

Against the advice of her peers, Queen Margaret III of Allondell rallied her troops on August 11 for a renewed push into Bilgosh against Dark Lord Nedelcho and Dark Lady Stoyanka, whose hordes had slain her father.

Queen Catherine of Chardreau cautioned her cousin that the Crusaders' ranks were no longer than before and unlikely to achieve any more success. Queen Margaret, however, insisted that the Bilgosh hordes had also taken heavy losses, and that it was imperative to strike before the Dark Lords could prepare proper defenses.

Duvarna, Bilgosh:

Without the support of the Chardrois or most of the religious orders, Queen Margaret of Allondell advanced her vassals back into Bilgosh on September 6, where they were immediately ambushed.

The Allondines passed through the hills north of Duvarna, just as before, but this time the Bilgosh zombies came not from the east hill, as expected, but were hiding in wait beneath the waters of the river. Their flank totally exposed, the Allondines were sent into panic and disarray as the zombies emerged from the water and ran roughshod over the crusaders. The archers took heavy losses before the Allondine lines broke and retreated into Alsoria once more. Queen Margaret, heavily protected, was unharmed.

Gameworld news comes from GMs, story authors, and other Quest participants, not from the Game World Committee. If you have material to contribute, please email it to cg-chair.

Uncle Lloyd's Tips (from Advice for Aspiring GMs):

Some of your staff will be good, and will do their homework. They'll take the packet, they'll read it all, they'll study their parts, they'll highlight the sections that apply to them, they'll learn the encounters, they'll learn the names of the other NPCs. But others will only read the first five pages, no matter how hard you nag or how long you plead with them to please read it. So what can you do?

In the front of the packet, include a summary of the whole game. This should be an overview, explaining the story basics, and showing how the various sections and paths of the game fit together into a whole. You shouldn't go into the gameplay details — keep it a summary of maybe one or two pages.

Put all the other important stuff in the first five pages, too — anything that's vital for your staff to know (e.g. "at this game, the spell Spirit Speed simply will not work, ever.") Any non-vital stuff should not be in the front.