Country Info: Allondell

Terminology: Allondine (ALL-onn-deen) people, one Allondine, many Allondines
Capital: Tolbury (TOLE-bare-ee or TOLE-bree)
Monarch: King Harold VI, born 994 (Haroldus Rex Allondiae)
Coat of Arms: Gules, a cross voided between four lions rampant or.

Allondell is the "central" kingdom of the world, with a culture similar to England. Allondell's terrain varies from bustling cities to grassy fields to forests that would rival Sherwood. For most characters, Allondell will be the "center" of civilization.

A lot of fantasy fiction is England-inspired, so Allondell is sort of the "default" kingdom in the CG. Games or characters with no need of a particular cultural flavor may wish to set themselves in or from Allondell.

Tolbury, the country's capital, is one of Hesket's largest cities, full of both prosperous merchants and hardened street folk. It is home to several of the continent's largest universities, and since the 700's has also been home to the Collegium, which resides in the grand Collegium Hall.

Most Allondines live along the eastern coast, or in the river valleys. The country's west is more sparsely populated, thinning out as one approaches the Grendarr mountains. The north of Allondell takes on a Gaeldic character; the south shows a certain Chardrois influence, sort of like Norman England. Allondell's northwest was once part of the kingdom of Ennitaria until the Ennitarian War of 996. Accordingly, the "New Counties" often have a Kislevian flavor.

Allondell has a strong rivalry with Chardreau, and is also not especially warm with Cadfaigh. Accordingly, Allondell is friendly with Kjolnir and Iñarra, who also border Chardreau or Cadfaigh and are also not warm with them. Allondell fought Kislevia over Ennitaria in 996, so the two countries are still bitter over the border.

The Marnaid

The Marnaid was specifically created to be a place where "weird things are found" and "ancient magic lives", and GMs are welcome to set games there. Games in the Marnaid need not deal with the "Children of Destruction", since the ancient Caelti are few in number and do not occupy the whole penninsula.

When the Marnaid Penninsula rose in 998, both Allondell and Cadfaigh claimed it. With Queen Marilyn still consolidating her power, she could not risk a row with Allondell, and yielded to Allondell. Allondine control of it is nominal; they have positioned a garrison at the end of the penninsula, but the interior is still wild. The surviving ancient Caelti "Children of Destruction" remain, encamped deep within the penninsula's forest. They largely leave the Allondines alone, recognizing that while they are individually strong, their numbers are few, and thus provoking the Allondines is unwise.


Queen Margaret III, born 972.

Past monarchs:

Common names in the royal family (including princes and princesses) include Harold, Stephen, David, Margaret, and Alicia.


Ruled by a King. Standard noble is the Earl, with several Dukes and a smattering of Barons. (Most Barons are vassals of the king, rather than of the earls.)

Major Cities

Tolbury dominates the country, as Hesket's largest city and the home of the Collegium. In the north, Renham is the York to Tolbury's London.