Country Info: Kislevia

Terminology: Kislevian (kiss-LEV-ee-an) people, one Kislevian, many Kislevians
Capital: Hernohn (hair-NOHN)
Monarch: King Gregor III, born 940. (Gregorius Rex Kislenniae)
Coat of Arms: Per pale sable and argent an eagle counterchanged.

From mountain to valley, from hills to rivers, Kislevia is a bumpy but prosperous kingdom. While agriculture can be limited in its mountainous terrain, Kislevia serves as the gate between west and east, and profits well from the trade.

Kislevia has a weaker royal authority than some other kingdoms, with the nobles often more assertive and autonomous than might be seen elsewhere. King Gregor, however, has been able to strengthen his position by granting lands in the "New Counties" to loyal supporters.

King Dmitri of Ragnorack was once merely Count Dmitri, a Kislevian count and advisor to King Gregor of Kislevia. King Gregor supplied Dmitri with the army needed to bring peace to Ragnorack, and the debt is not forgotten by either side.


The Sturian Empire advanced little further than the edges of modern-day Kislevia. The Kislennic tribes who lived there proved highly resistant to Sturian expansion.

As the Empire crumbled, those tribes would most eastward and southward. Allondell, Chardreau, and Roudoigne each bear names reflecting the Kislennic tribes who conquered them. Other Kislennic tribes moved into old Kislennic lands to fill the void. Soon, these tribes would stop migrating, settle in, and civilize, and thus began the foundation of modern-day Kislevia.

The Ennitarian War

In January 997, Kislevia completed a war with Allondell over the "protection" of Ennitaria, a former kingdom which lay between them. The king of Ennitaria, Roderick, had gone mad in 993 and declared orcs his subjects. With Ennitaria unwilling to suppress its orcish "subjects," orcish bands began to increasingly pillage the countryside, sack caravans, and raid towns in neighboring lands. In spring 996, Allondell used this as justification for invading Ennitaria, saying it must protect its own security. Kislevia followed suit, and the two kingdoms fought over the land, reaching a standoff six months later. King Roderick was killed in battle in October 996, but neither side was quick to name a successor.

In January 997, a peace treaty between Kislevia and Allondell divided Ennitaria between them, with the front line as the new border. Kislevia now rules over six Neugrafschaften ("New Counties").


King Gregor III, born 940. Gregor is stern, proud, yet practical. He has strong ties to King Dmitri of Ragnorack.


Ruled by a King. Standard noble is the Count, plus many Barons along the more populous lowland valleys. There are two Dukes, but neither Duchy is particularly powerful.

Major Cities

Hernohn, the capital, is only one of many cities in the country, and by no means dominates it.