Country Info: Roudoigne

Terminology: Roudoigne (roo-DWAN) people, one Roudoigne, many Roudoigne
Capital: Mourange (moo-RAHNJ)
Monarch: Duchess Nicolette, born 945. (Nicolais Ducessa Rudundiae)
Coat of Arms: Argent, a fess chequy vert and or.

A small duchy, resembling the Low Countries of Europe (Belgium, Luxembourg). Culturally similar to Chardreau, the Roudoigne zealously defend their independence so as to keep their rights as free traders. Roudoigne often serve as Hesket's smugglers or embargo-breakers, and many risk the perilous southern seas to trade with the Southerners.

The prosperous craft guilds of Roudoigne have financed numerous temples to Furthane, including the largest Furthanian temple, the Grand Church of the Holy Weaver, paid for by the clothmakers. Roudoigne's numerous port cities also pay great homage to Kyta.

Roudoigne lives off the sea, and is home to many traders and merchants. Politically, it keeps its valued independence by carefully balancing between its two powerful neighbors, playing each against the other.


Duchess Nicolette, born 945. Nicolette is seen as bold, and more than able to stand up to her peers. However, to many this has given the impression that she is haughty.


Ruled by a Duchess. Standard noble is the Baron. No Counts.

Major Cities

Mourange is by far the largest city, and as a major port.