Other Character Options

Races and Ethnicities

There are several notable human ethnic groups and several non-human races available to Continuing Game players, each explained in the Player Races section and at length in their player packets.

To play a member of one of those groups, you purchase a "package"—a collection of advantages and disadvantages, all at once. The cost of each racial package is equal to the sum of the advantages and disadvantages, so they neither save points nor cost extra. The disadvantages included within do not count towards a character's disadvantage maximum, and may not be bought off, ever. Also, don't forget to write your race on your character sheet in the "Race" blank.

To play a member of one of those groups, you must purchase the full racial package. For instance, you cannot elect to play a mahiri without Mahiri Honor, or a dwarf without Potion Resistance.

Dwarf (2 points)

Mahiri (Elf) (1 point)

Rosheni (-0.5 points)

Yamamotoan (-0.5 points)

Fixed-Point Characters

This option is not available at CG Unique Events or "One-Shot" games.

If you wish, instead of playing a normal Continuing Game character with 14 points, you may create a "Fixed Point Character" (FPC) with 18 points. FPCs start with more points, but then will always remain fixed at 18 points' worth of skills, no matter how many events they attend.

An FPC differs from a regular character in the following ways:

FPCs are primarily intended for times when a player has an intriguing character idea, but only wishes to play that character once—or does not care if the character advances.

CG "Unique Events"

CG Unique Events are games that are run in the Continuing Game universe, but using characters created specifically for that event. These characters are used for that event only, and do not recur at regular Continuing Game events.

CG Unique Events are used for settings where regular CG characters might not be appropriate, but the story still fits within the overall CG setting. For instance, we have had past Unique Events where the players were members of noble houses and factions at court, competing for control of the throne. These events advanced a story within the CG world, but needed characters specific to the setting!

Some rules do not apply at CG Unique Events unless the GM of that event says so, or the rule will behave differently. (These exceptions will be called out in the description of that rule.) For instance, most CG Unique Events have characters with more than the usual number of points.

"One-Shot" Events

"One-Shot" events are games set in their own game world, not the regular world of the Continuing Game. They might be set in a ďhigh-fantasyĒ setting where the world is different from that of the Continuing Game, or might be set in a different era, or might be in a world with different cultures and races.

As such, there are a number of the normal rules that donít apply at these events (unless the GMs say otherwise):