Quest's newsletter

vol. 85 - February 16, 2011

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Quest's 20th Anniversary!

This March marks the 20th anniversary of Quest's first event, "Tir Na nOg". We'd like to thank all of you who have helped bring Quest into its third decade!

Upcoming events

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Open game slots

Interested in running a game? Got an idea, but need some help? Contact the Events Committee at events !

Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors is putting out a call for nominations for the positions of Treasurer and Props Manager. We ask you, the Quest community, to assist us by nominating the people you think should serve as officers. Self-nominations are welcome as are nominations for anyone in the community who you think might be suited to a given job. Nominations should be sent to Julie Levy, the Board Secretary, at nominations.

Rules Committee:

2011 Rules

The 2011 rules set has been published! You can view what's new this year. You can also download a supplemental for use with your 2008 handbook, or download the new 2011 handbook, now with improved layout and illustrations.

Director of Operations:

The Director of Operations would encourage all Quest participants to familiarize themselves with the latest rules and conventions before attending any Quest events.

Weapons Manager:

The Weapons Manager notes that there are practices Thursday nights at Wesleyan, and Saturday afternoons at Yale. Attendence is encouraged to all who are able who may be planning to fight at a Quest event.

Continuing Game News:

February 16, 1011:

Alsoria, Steinlands:

Queen Margaret of Allondell defended her ill-fated foray back into Duvarna, Bilgosh, stating that it was necessary "to keep the Dark Lords of Bilgosh on the defensive."

Against the advice of the other crusaders, Queen Margaret had led her armies back into the Duvarna valley in September, shortly after the crusaders' initial defeat. Though hoping to take advantage of any of the unholy armies' post-battle disarray, the Allondines were routed by a necromancer's zombies and retreated hastily back into the Steinlands.

Alsoria, Steinlands:

On October 21, when the moon turned full, the crusaders learned of the reason for Queen Margaret of Allondell's rashness. Hearing a clatter in Her Majesty's quarters, one of her attendants went to check up on the queen, and found instead the lupine form of a werewolf.

Cornered by a very confused but very concerned royal guard, Queen Margaret fled out a window into the night.

Alsoria, Steinlands:

On October 22, the nobles of Allondell present at the war front gathered and, with the consent of the Allondine clergy present, declared Queen Margaret of Allondell deposed. After an examination by the chaplains to verify that he bore no taint of the unholy, Margaret's eldest son, Prince Harold, was declared King Harold VI of Allondell.

As the new king is not yet of age, his uncle, Prince Edmund, will act as regent until the new king turns eighteen in 1012.

Tolbury, Allondell:

On November 14, one of the laboratory buildings at the Department of Magic at the University of Aurelius mysteriously exploded.

Rescuers hoping to save any wounded found that the scholars inside the the building had been turned into small piles of ash. The scholars in question has been studying a book of magic recovered from the estate of the archmage Gilliam Stenn, prior to the estate's destruction at the hands of orcs. University chancellors say the book warrants further study, this time using more safeguards.

Alsoria, Steinlands:

In December, the crusader armies acknowledged the end of the campaign for the year, and fortified their camps for the winter.

Cold weather and rising snowfall never made for an opportune time for extensive warfare, but the crusaders have been further hampered by the disarray within their ranks. After several distastrous battles the Allondines are formulating new battle strategies, and coping with the shock to morale that was the deposition of their former Queen. The Chardrois are seeking to improve coordination with Prince Edmund, now the commander of the Allondine forces. Both armies are still understaffed.

Gameworld news comes from GMs, story authors, and other Quest participants, not from the Game World Committee. If you have material to contribute, please email it to cg-chair.

Uncle Lloyd's Tips (from Advice for Aspiring GMs):

Absolutely nothing requires Quest events to take place at either Wesleyan or Pomfret. In the past we have held events in Connecticut parks, at least during the April to September months when an all-outdoors event is feasible. However, Quest only reserves Pomfret and Wesleyan locations with any regularity, because they are easy and multi-purpose. Other locations such as parks may not work for all games. If you think your game idea would work better in a different locale, by all means, go for it!