Country Info: Delona

Terminology: Delonan (deh-LOH-nan) people, one Delonan, many Delonans
Monarch: numerous

See also: Bonalba, Castagna, Malema, Philiathos, Trenzano, Vallino, Veneza, and Yamamoto and Seiguntou.

Delona is not a kingdom, but a region; the archipelago and penninsula constitute a dozen and a half independent lands. Despite cultural ties holding the region together, it remains divided largely because the Delonan lands all share a mutual hatred and distrust of one another. They play off of one another, and are often pawns used by the larger kingdoms in Hesket. The Delonans have fought countless little wars and skirmishes between one another.

Currently, the three strongest Delonan lands are Veneza, Castagna, and Philiathos. Representatives of each can be found in the other lands' courts, vying for influence.

"Thanae" is the name for the "Greek" section of the archipelago. It includes the lands of Philiathos and Melonissos, plus scattered islands elsewhere. It is not a political entity in its own right, but a Thanaean thinks of himself as Thanaean in much the same way a resident of Hamburg thought of himself as "German" long before Germany was united.

Due to Delona's reliance upon the sea for its well-being, Kyta is a popular god. Sarana and Ubrialla are also favorites, though particular focus varies from state to state.

Yamamoto invaded Delona in July of 997, and made quick work of many of the eastern islands, conquering the Duchy of Napermo. The Delonans then rallied and prevented any further advance. In April 999, after several months of painful negotiation, a peace treaty between Yamamoto and the princes of Delona recognized Yamamotoan control over "Seiguntou," consisting of Napermo and several other islands. There is now an uneasy peace in eastern Delona.

Lands of Delona

Delonan land Rulership
Alguria Duchy
Bonalba Duchy
Brevano Duchy
Castagna Principality
Crissimo County
Giodonia Duchy
Massulia Duchy
Napermo (now part of Seiguntou)
Melonissos Duchy
Philiathos Duchy
Praterra County
Roccatina County
Tregamo Duchy
Trenzano County
Uffabria Duchy
Veneza Principality
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Ruled by a number of Dukes, Counts, and Princes.