Country Info

The lands of the Continuing Game have rough parallels with the lands of Earth:

Country Reminiscent of...
Allondell English/"generic fantasy"
Bilgosh southern Europe (Hungary, Romania, etc.)
Cadfaigh Scottish
Chardreau French
Delona Italian, Greek, Maltese, other Mediterranean
Iñarra Spanish, Portuguese
Kiljukan Turkish/Ottoman
Kislevia German
Kjolnir Scandinavian/Viking
Linneraigh Celtic (Ireland, Wales)
Marakhin Arabian
Ragnorack (none—a cultural mix of German, Scottish, and Scandinavian)
Roudoigne Belgian, Luxembourg
Shenga sub-Saharan African
Steinlands Austria/Prussia/Czech
Tamplonia Spain/France border regions: Catalonia, Navarre, Roussillon, etc.
Valenne Northern France with British influence: Normandy, Brittany, Calais, etc.
Yamamoto Japanese
Zdunarova northern Slavic (Russia, Poland, etc.)

Each country's entry contains:

(After the monarch's name you will also find the monarch's name in Sturian. Sturia's legacy means that many important figures will sign their names in Sturian. This is especially true of Collegiate clergy, for whom the Sturian legacy is strong.

Note: the Sturian place-names all end with "ae" because they are in the genitive case. To find the nominative case, remove the trailing "-e". Thus "Allondell" in Sturian would be "Allondia".)