Country Info: Iñarra

Terminology: Iñarran (een-YAR-onn) people, one Iñarran, many Iñarrans
Capital: Piramada (peer-ah-MAH-da)
Monarch: Queen Isabella, born 975 (Isabella Regina Hiniarae)
Coat of Arms: Or, a sun gules.

Resting proudly between the Gulf and the ocean, Iñarra (een-YAR-ah) includes sun-dappled fields, dusty plains, and scraggy desert.

The country's queen, Isabella, presides over a quaky dynasty. Her father died in 985 at a young age and at the height of his glory, and Isabella, then just 10, was too young to take the throne. The land fell into political intrigue as her regent, Count Celadona, sold favors to the various factions. Isabella at last turned eighteen in late 993 and became officially the Queen. She has been less willing to play political games, which has angered many of the factions; moreover her former regent, Count Celadona, continues to hold great sway in the land, and often comes head to head with the Queen herself.

The threat of Marakh invasions from the south further threatens Isabella's position. The queen is still developing her expertise at leading her subjects against the Marakhs.

To try and rally support from her nobles, the Queen announced in 1001 that she intended to commission a ship that could cross the eastern ocean to Dosan. She hired the best shipmakers from Tamplonia, igniting a shipbuilding race between Iñarra, Tamplonia, Castagna, Allondell, and Chardreau. While the Queen's ship, the HMS Santo Sol, was the first to set sail, it did not return, while Tamplonia's did.


Queen Isabella, born 975. Isabella is still coming into her own, a task not made easy as she faces numerous factions at court.


Ruled by a Queen. Standard noble is the Count. There are no Barons and only two Dukes.

Major Cities

Piramada is the capital, but the cities of Nova Bacaronna, San Stimpo and Melio are all of about equal size.